Olive was built using the concrete beam slab installation system. The static and level analyses were carried out in accordance with the current Turkish Standards and Earthquake Regulation in force in Turkey, with reference to earthquake zone 1 data.

The exteriors of the building were designed by ARCORA (France). The joinery were installed by FENİŞ SİSTEM Exterior Cladding firm. The facade system applied was stick facade at the ground floor and mezzanines, while panel facade was applied on other floors. Panel facades entailed SUNGUARD NEUTRAL PLUS 60, while the stick facade entailed CLIMAGUARD N, high-transparency insulated glass.

4-pipes fan coil installations were placed to provide for the air/conditioning requirements in line with the capacities established for each floor of the building. This would allow on-demand cooling or heating independently for each floor. HSK branded 100% fresh air suspended ceiling a/c units were used on each floor, to provide for the fresh air needs of each floor, on-demand basis. The units are capable of supplying 4000 m³/h conditioned air (70 m³/h per individual, on the basis of the assumption of 56 occupants on each floor). Furthermore, each floor is equipped with independent exhaust fans, toilet exhaust fans, and kitchen exhaust fans. All exhaust fans are made by ATC. VIESSMANN branded condensing boilers are used in the heating system. McQuay chillers are used for the cooling system.

Olive Plaza is supplied power over the Medium Voltage system. The total power of the transformer is 1250 KVA. The power to be used in the building will be 1170 KVA. Generators will kick-in in case of disruption in power supply from the grid, to provide uninterrupted supply of power. 2 ÇUKUROVA branded Synchronized Generators will be installed. Generators will be rated for 720 KVA at Standby, and 654 KVA at prime load. The generator will be based on PERKINS 2806A-E18TAG2 Diesel Engine and STAMFORD HC1544F alternator.

All elevators at the building are made by OTIS. There are 4 passenger elevators and 1 cargo elevator. Each passenger elevator operates at a speed of 2.5 m/s with a capacity of 13 persons/1000 kg, while the cargo elevator operates at a speed of 2.5 m/s with a capacity of 1250 kg. VIP elevator allows access to floors from the parking lot floors, bypassing the lobby checkpoint, when used with a valid card.

Proximity card equipped turnstile system is implemented at all pedestrian entrances and exits of the building. The building is monitored through a CCTV system with 37 cameras. The building security is provided by the specialists of the firm ISS, working on a 7/24 basis.

All technical volumes of the building and other shared spaces are equipped with heat and smoke detectors and fire automation systems made by British firm Cooper. In order to ensure uninterrupted operation of the system in case of Detection errors, disruptions, or short-circuiting (loop), insulator-equipped field equipment and class A cabling were employed.

Fire control installations at the building include water-based sprinkler systems, fire cabinet installations, and firefighters connection valves at the floors. In all lease spaces on all floors, upright type sprinkler systems were included in all suspended ceilings (upright type), and groundwork were laid for sprinkler systems under the suspended ceiling (pendent type). Sprinklers are UL listed and FM certified.

On each floor, FETAS branded Universal Series Fire Cabinets are placed so as to make them accessible within 30 m. The fire pumps at the building are compliant with American fire standards, NFPA 20 compliant, UL listed and FM certified, and are built by bsFAIRBANKS MORSE. One 500 GPM – 210 PSI electrical, one 500 GPM – 210 PSI diesel fire pump and one 15 GPM – 220 PSI electrical jockey pump.will be available at the building. The pumps and booster pumps used in all heating and cooling installations and water systems are made by GRUNDFOS. Furthermore, the building has general treatment and rainwater treatment systems, based on AQUAMATCH branded products.

The switchboard connecting to Turk Telecom network will have a capacity of 400. Fiber-Optical data line provides internet access. Each floor will be delivered with an installed phone capacity of 20 lines. On the other hand, cable TV infrastructure is provided for all floors.

Olive is designed as an economic building contributing to the conservation of the environment with an eye for the environment, providing sustainable energy, with low operating costs and power consumption, and offering a healthier environment for occupants compared to the environment at ordinary buildings. In this context, LEED certification consultant ALTENSIS provided consulting services through the Green Building Certification process, in accordance with the LEED-CS rating system, and in line with the objectives of KAPİTAL PROPERTY.